mini Title Folly Too

French cooking on board

repas et cuisines

Joyce Lambert

will prepare for you delicious dishes, mixed salads, fish, meat, cheese, fruit, coffee (aperitif, cold drinks and wine included). All food is fresh from the local market.


Pierro & Joyce

The icing on the cake? The miracle bread of the skipper/baker !


The passengers of the "Folly Too" do not know if they sail for the pleasure of cruising or for tasting Pierre'bread !
The most original of ecological skippers on the French Riviera is called Pierre Lambert, well-known in the old harbour of Cannes with his superb 45 ft sailing yacht "Folly Too".
- The man from outer space roller-blading down the Croisette with blinking lights on his helmet: Pierre Lambert !
- The only captain cooking his daily bread on board all year round: Pierre Lambert !

bread with 10 cereals

The bread which makes you intelligent.

Not only is this bread delicious and could be preserved better than any others if it did not have an annoying tendancy to be devoured immediatly, but, to believe this descendant of a brittany family whose recipe is lost in the mists of time and generations, it makes children intelligent !

"My son, Yann, was first in his class for many years"! It was difficult to extort this miracle recipe from Pierre: You must acquire a special flour only found at Embrun (Hautes Alpes), delivered once a week to you-know-who, add soya beans, sesame, millet, poppy, seeds, etc; cook in the oven and serve at sea, between the Lerins Islands...

If you don't believe us, ask the tourists of all the countries, who, for one day or longer, choose the blue sailing yacht of Pierre Lambert to escape, or to learn ocean sailing. They will affirm that their stay in Cannes will have been marked as much by the miracle bread as by the beauty ot the coast and the lessons of the skipper ecolo.
Who knows, may be you will become yhe first of your class !

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