mini Title Folly Too

Pierro the skipper-owner

the Folly Too in Mediterranae

40 years' experience ! Captain 200.
Swimming and life saving diploma..
Yacht approved for collective use by maritime authorities.

The sea runs in the veins of Pierre Lambert, a navigator from Cannes. A passion. A way of life that he loves to share on board his sailing yacht. An out-of-the-ordinary character.

From a very young age, Pierre was rocked by the waves of the atlantic, near Vannes, cradle of his youth.
"When I was a kid, I did a lot of sailing with my parents". With or without tide, he will never leave the sea.

In 1966, he passed his sailing instructor's diploma, the following year swimming and life-saving diploma.

Then he starts to compete in Afterwards, he works as seaman on board a schooner, skipper on a swann, and finally buys his own boat with which he successfully participates in the Regates Royales in Cannes.

In 1975 he meets his English wife, Joyce, and in 1980, Yann is born. "He was born in England, and 4 days later was living with us in a barge which we had rented on the river", recalls Pierre laughing.

1981 back in Cannes with his family, Pierre acquires an aluminium hull of 14 meters, new and completely bare. With a friend, he equips and fits out the "Folly Too", launches in may 1982.

Our navigator is never at a loss for words. In his spare time, he makes his own shoes in leather, bags, and even perfume name after the boat.
Pierre is also a ski instructor in the winter. As sailing instructor, he will teach you seamanship, cartography, maritime English, introduction or perfection of sailing up to preparing diplomas.
Pierre offers sailing courses for school children and adults, Corsica, Italy, Sardinia, Tunisia...a dream !
There is a fantastic ambiance on board, friendlyness and mutual aid, while one hoists the sails, another takes the helm. Each person, in his own way, takes a hand in everything.

"At home, with my family, we also bake our own 10 grains bread. It is a tradition, my grandmother used to do it also", Pierre underlines. He makes a point of keeping this hygiene of life transmitted from generation to generation.
Strangely, on "Folly Too" we feel like another person. Definitly good. With the wave of a magic wand people find again the simple things in life.
Notions they maybe have a tendency to forget once back on dry land. Sailing on the sea, we find ourselves in another universe, experiencing other feelings. As Pierre says, "We go where the wind takes us". In complete freedom. Happiness!...

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