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Skipper's Diplomas, rescue

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Notice to sailors!

From september onwards, "Folly Too" and skipper Pierro start again their main vocation: sailing school on board the Admiraler "Folly Too", racing sailing yacht fitted out for cruising. Extremely solid, reliable and pleasant to live.

The "Folly Too" is appropriate for a team of 7 people.
Bedding is provided.
Two toilets are on board including one electric,
as well as a bathroom with hot shower.
Three meals per day are prepared, and the famous 10 grains bread cooked on board each day will be your favorite meal !
Pierro, former student of the hotel management school of Thonon-les-Bains, is well versed in preparing maritimes menues, with many vegetables, fruits, fish, little fat and carbohydrates.

A true cure of youth and health!

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Initiation and perfection of competition sailing and cruising.

Sailing by night, night watches, man overboard rescue day and night (radars). Cartography, coastal and open sea, navigation.

Accumulate miles for your sailing license !
Pierre, swimming teaches and life-saver, will give you lessons in swimming and apnea diving (very important for future skippers).

Sessions of gymnastics, stretching, massage, for a healthy body and iron constitution. Preparation of diplomas such as Captain 200 (Sailing), topman, manoeuvrier, multifonction seaman, bosun, skipper 1st to 6th degree.


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