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mini Title Folly Too

The Folly Too perfume from Grasse

the Folly Too Amphora perfume of Grasse

Created at Grasse, city of perfumes by Maistre Astier Honore.



Very original, flowered, fresh and natural, the"Folly Too perfume" emanates the scents of bigarrade of Crete, bergamotte and dwarf lemons of Florence and many other secrecies!

The turquoise Greek amphora enamelled in the colors of the yacht, hand made in Vallauris, is a real and unique work of art.


This is a charming souvenir of your trip on "Folly too".


The exact composition of a perfume is kept secret. The house of creation of a perfume does not sell the formula of the perfume to the brand who has place the order. It only sells the perfume.
At the time of use of a perfume, all the odorous notes are present. It is composed of basic notes, heart notes, and head notes.



Certificate of the perfume of Fatty of Folly Too

Click to enlarge the certificate of the perfume of Folly Too.


In 1730, the Corporation of the Grassois perfumers was created.

In 1775, the Houbigant perfumery was established in Paris, then Piver, Guerlain and Laugier.

At the beginning of the 20's Coco Chanel launched her own perfume "N5".

This success opened the way for other couturiers: Lanvin, Molineux, Rochas, Christian Dior, Saint-Laurent, Givenchy.


les alambics de Grasse

Cold enfleurage: this technique makes it possible to treat fragile flowers, like those of jasmine...Today, only the Robertet factory in Grasse, still practises the enfleurage for certain luxury perfumes. Hot enfleurage is an old technique little used for the flowers... The expression is the method reserved for citrus fruits or hesperides...

Animal matters: amber, musk, chive, castoreum...
There are also substances of synthesis because the harvest or the extraction of the natural substances is often difficult...




Les parfumeurs de Grasse


The vegetable substances can come from:
- roots like the vetiver or the ginger,
- rhizomes like iris,
- wood like cedar and sandal...

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