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Quit smoking ?


Seen on French TV

The skipper, Pierre Lambert, former sailing champion on yachts identical to his current 14 meters sloop "Folly Too" launches a new challenge !

He organizes nicotine weaning cruises, and it works !

The participants arrive on board on a empty stomach, pass a medical visit, take part in all tasks on board, such as the preparation of the 10 grains bread, manoeuvring sails, cartography, seamanship, in short, they learn to live like sailors

They follow a diet without coffee, alcohol (and other excitants), and even drink seawater from the open sea !

The minimum for a cure is 2 days without disembarking. The crew also practice apnea diving for various useful reasons at sea.
Even at the end of 2 days, progress is considerable and the new sailors easily understand that tobacco kills.

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